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There are important concerns shared by every patient who has suffered the loss of an eye. It is not unusual for patients to be anxious about wearing and caring for an artificial eye.We recognize these completely normal concerns, as well as their feelings that the artificial eye may look unnatural and that “everyone will notice.”

Patients may also worry that the artificial eye will be an inconvenience or uncomfortable to wear on a full-time basis. In the vast number of cases in our practice, these concerns are handled with great success due to the techniques we have developed to custom fit a life like artificial eye in each unique eye socket.

These are occasional eye socket complications that will make the proper fitting of an artificial eye more challenging, which can include difficulty retaining the prosthesis, restricted motion, and sagging eyelids. However, we can usually handle these problems by application of expert knowledge.Artificial eyes have been successfully worn for decades in place of a diseased natural eye, thereby helping our patients to regain their self-confidence and move forward with their lives.